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Professional Training

Consultants were hired by my workplace to come in and teach us all how to be more customer service friendly. I took the lead every chance I had to play devil’s advocate and be the difficult voice; making jokes in-between of course.

After the end of the course and the second lesson had concluded, I went up to shake the hands of the 2 male consultants, both in their mid-50’s. The first, from Texas, laughed heartily into my eyes, and said, “Thank you!” The other, from Atlanta, remarked with a large grin, “Thank you! We had a lot of fun with you!”

I guffawed, thanked them both and almost skipped out of the room. The comment pleased me but I had felt poorly about my behavior, which deviated from the group.

Looking back, did I entertain them? Did I pose a challenge? Did it make something monotonous for them more interesting, or were my ideas presented actually meaningful?

I wish I had stuck around to ask, to inquire further, but I had work to do, and I wanted to beat the rain home.