I waited for the articles to pour from every outlet; about how she was more than a fabulous designer, more than a name of notoriety; a wonderful person. I have every confidence that she was each and every thing that her friends say she was.

She was truly confident and self-made. She believed in her abilities and reinvented a small-town gawky girl. She made it.

And everyone will ask, ‘Why didn’t she reach out? Why didn’t she seek help?’ And paragraphs will be written about the injustices of the mental health “system,” and the stigma associated with it will come in waves when her name is brought up. But she wasn’t ill. She didn’t drink in excess or use drugs to the point of no return. She wasn’t tortured, and she had a good support system surrounding her.

You see, she was someone overcome with a problem that seemed insurmountable. Maybe not to you or me. And she may have reached out; but in her own way. We’ll never truly know why this happened…when a beautiful, charismatic woman who we think had it all, took it all.blowing  wind


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